Good idea. He feels that his A was completely justified b/c of mine. I think neither of ours are ... we don't see eye to eye on this. Or much of anything else about recovery. For example, he thinks that I should stay home and not go out with him until we've fully recovered (if that happens) and I feel that during our recovery he should make friends aware that we are working on the M.

He actually told me today that I should feel grateful about whatever attention I get from him. I am still a human being! And I am grateful that he decided to stick around for now and make an effort at things. But I don't think I should have to be groveling every second of every day. I don't think I should be told I'm lucky for whatever I get from him. I think we should join forces to fight this battle together - respectfully, lovingly. Am I totally off base?

He says that 4-5 months is such a little time and that he wouldn't be able to make a decision for years to come ... I don't think I should have to wait for years for him to decide if he wants to give our M a shot or not. Am I expecting too much?