Orchid once said:
The heart on the other hand often does NOT want to believe the one who loved and protected the family has now become enemy #1. Denial often resides in the heart and there in lies the internal war.

How often have you said during this journey..... 'I know what I s/b doing but I am not ready t/d it (i.e. plan A, B or D), yet.' Or somethng similar. Comments like these show the mind and heart are NOT in sync.

Making life changing decisions while in this disconnected state of mind is dangerous. Some BS' give away what rightfully belongs to the family and in some cases it has devastated them.

My head and heart are NOT in sync! I am not ready to "move on" with or without my H. I have tried to feel this way, but can't. I also do not WANT to move on with or without my H. I want him as my H, but I have no control over this. I think that this is what is keeping me from setting boundaries. I want him to be my H so bad, that I'll accept just about anything even though I know I shouldn't!

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