I suppose that emotions are running high for me this week. I didn't sleep well again last night! I woke up this morning very upset and angry ... angry about the calls to XOM, angry about the new bank account, angry that he thought coming home early would "keep [me] in a good mood all week" - well, you get the point. He has distanced himself and is acting peculiar.

Orchid - I'm thinking that in order to prevent getting angry with him, I need to babble back? Will you help me out? Here are 2 times I wish I could've babbled back, instead of biting my tongue:

1 - Yesterday he opened that bank account. After a while, I asked him why didn't he just overnight the checks to me instead of opening a new account. His response? "This way I don't get [you-know-what] on the road again". All I could think was - YOU? What about us?

2 - Also, he has been calling DD less and less. Yesterday he decided to call several times instead of the just one time a day he had been. DD was really pissy about Daddy being out of town and them not talking as much. So, he says to me "I think she's upset because I've been calling so much" ... WHAT!?! Why on earth would you think that!?! She's been used to you calling her every couple of hours on all of your trips until recently, and now once a day is supposed to make her happy?

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