What I expect in a marriage:
I expect quality time spent alone with me.
I expect quality time spent with our daughter.
I expect marriage counseling for at least 3 months.
I expect full-transparency about all financial matters.
I expect returning to the home immediately after all business in town, and to the hotel after all business out of town. (Out of town trips – I must be able to contact you at any given point. You must be reachable at the location you are staying – specifically a hotel.)
I expect most in-town work to be done during the day to allow for more family time.
I expect all personal contact with females to cease immediately.
I expect all business contact with women to be disclosed within the day, with information about the conversations.
I won’t accept dishonesty about finances.
I won’t accept lack of information about daily activities.
I won’t accept independent behaviors.

How am I doing? Is all this reasonable? Or am I off my rocker?

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