1. I don't feel like a victim. I don't feel like any of this was done TO me.
2. I am being as patient as I can and I have stated before that I realize that patience is something I need to work on - and I'm trying. Obviously I'm wavering ... there are a lot of mixed signals here and it can be very confusing. I want to do what's best for my M and it is difficult to know just what that is.
3. "Remember that a FWS or WS is no bargain for a partner. There are easier roads out there for any BS to take than to deal with the baggage that an affair brings to a marriage." - Then I suppose that neither of us are a bargain. But we are married and have a family and still love each other, so I think its worth trying to save.
4. I get opinions here, he gets them from his friends. I think we have both done a good job of not allowing the opinions of others to make our decisions for us. (A perfect example is me deciding NOT to do Plan B.)
5. I can accept criticism of how I'm handling things, and can admit where I have faults. But I think that you read me wrong, or maybe I present myself wrong. I am not self-righteous, indignant, or perfect.

Since you keep mentioning that everyone is "avoiding" my thread, maybe we should just ask? I would like to know if all the vets think that I have an attitude problem so that I can change my wording to reflect my feelings (as I do not feel anything but confused, lost, concerned, willing, etc.).

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