The fact is, I think it's fairly routine that someone becomes a primary poster to a new arrival and other long-term MB’ers observe but don’t post. When a "vet" (I hesitate to use that term for myself. I’m not sure it’s legitimate.) is working with a new arrival, others don't constantly join in the conversations unless they see something being missed.

This is what I was thinking was the case. You've been quite thorough and dedicated to MB methodology!

But…MC will be worthless until your husband is ready for it and it’s still early to be expecting it. Stay strong and work on the other issues that will make your marriage stronger when recovery is complete, okay?

I agree that MC will be a waste of time and money if he isn't interested. I'm hoping I can convince him to do the MB Weekend in October, but that's a slim chance.

I know that I should be eternally grateful for what I am getting from him now (I am grateful, don't get me wrong), but affection is my #1 EN! Not getting that from my H leaves me with an empty feeling. I think I'm more lonely when he's home than when he's out of town. Why? Because when he's out of town, I know its unrealistic to expect [physical] affection from another city! But when he's in the room, on the same sofa, in the same bed ... that's when its the loneliest! There he is - right there! And he hardly looks at me or makes any form of contact with me other than talking. Its devastating! But I'm trying to be patient about this.

I'm also trying to be patient about other stuff too ... like being seen in public together. As I've mentioned before, H is a public figure and I used to be seen with him all the time. Now, he still doesn't wear his wedding ring and I'm never seen with him. I've heard that people are talking about how we're "on the brink of divorce" ... I would like to squash these rumors, but I can't control what other people think or say. H says he's not ready for me to be there (in the public eye) just yet - which I can understand. But I'm wondering when I can hope for such a thing? I'm sick of hearing about all the rumors, about all the girls that are delighted to hear of our impending divorce (which isn't even the case), etc. All this temptation to him could be detrimental to our M right now ... but I'm trying to think "half-full"! <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />