H has been "on-edge" a lot since his last trip. I personally question whether he saw OW on that trip or not. We know that she sent him that TM, but does that mean that they didn't see each other? Was it coincidence that they were in the same city and she sent that TM? Not sure. But he is blowing up at me for no reason lately ... just like he did when he was seeing her. He claims it is stress - and he does have a lot going on right now. But it oddly started up on a bigger level right after her attempted(?) contact.

This morning he came downstairs and I was cleaning up. He said "hey". I looked up from the dishes, smiled, and said "good morning". Then he blew up! He literally glared at me and asked what my attitude was for! I truly didn't have one! It was bizarre! I generally chalk it up to his emotions, lack of sleep, and stress. But it gets old. Then he threatened D again ... He left to go out of town again today. He'll be back home Sunday.

So, I've realized that I have absolutely NO control over whether or not he sees or talks to OW, as I cannot control him. I know that I can control what I do. However, I have no way of knowing for sure if they are still in contact. So, I have 2 days to get my head back on straight. I feel like I'm spinning.

Anyone want to "talk" me through this?