That's very sad, TFC. I'm very disappointed in him, if what he said to his friend is true. I don't know how to fit his apologies to you at the beginning of this trip into this matrix. I wonder if he's only posturing with his friend, trying for the macho image?

The new OW is even more disturbing. On its face, he's not committed to ending those inappropriate relationships. His words in the email seem to say he's detaching from the marriage, and the new girl reinforces that.

Do you have a keylogger on the computer he uses for email, etc? If you do, have you considered confronting him on the new information? A keylogger will reveal any new passwords on his email and attempts to change information on the cell phone on-line records.

So sorry you're having to address these issues, TFC. It may be time for a calm, considered analysis of Plan B.

Hang in there, lady.