I wonder if he's only posturing with his friend, trying for the macho image?

I thought this too, but my thought is that its time to start standing up for our M ...

Do you have a keylogger on the computer he uses for email, etc? If you do, have you considered confronting him on the new information? A keylogger will reveal any new passwords on his email and attempts to change information on the cell phone on-line records.

I don't need a keylogger ... I have become a pro at my detective work. I can check the cell phone records from my login, and don't need a separate one to check his.

I wonder if this new girl knows he's married? I'm so tempted to call her myself, but I don't know ...

He's going to be pissed when I tell him I checked the phone records - but I guess if he wasn't doing anything wrong, he wouldn't have anything to be pissed about! So, looks like I'm going to start lining up my Plan B ducks.

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