All right. Well, it certainly looks like it's time to find out what he's thinking, if he's thinking at all. Time for another D-day/confrontation. I think enough things have added up to warrant it.

What does your best friend say? Times like these are good days to give her a shout.

Don't apologize for snooping. It's been made necessary because he has demonstrated his integrity is sadly lacking. He'll retort you have done the same, but you've committed to radical honesty and transparency...while he's still hiding things.

Side note: Referring to the EN questionnaire, did your need for security ever come up? You shouldn't have to be competing with every new woman who pops up and announces her availability.

Yes, line up your Plan B ducks. Maybe touch base with your attorney beforehand to see if anything new needs to be done to protect your finances if you find it necessary to file a legal separation along with the Plan B action?

BTW, yesterday when you took a day off from all this? That’s what Plan B is designed to give you. You shelter in the darkness where you don’t hear of any new women or hurtful emails.

Set up this new D-day. Be prepared by reviewing your boundaries and know what specific commitments you want from him. Be ready for his anger and don’t let it affect you. Be prepared for an adverse reaction (he stomps out the door), be ready to counter some gaslighting or other manipulation...and even be prepared for him to agree he hasn’t been acting too smart.

If he does the latter, time for some serious discussion about boundaries (not allowing OW to intrude into the marriage), and how he’s going to make sure it doesn’t ever happen again. Frankly, I believe it’s time to address the issue of him not including you on some of these trips and “official” functions too. He’s been playing things loose and free for a while and I think it’s time to end the vacation from marital commitment.