He just wants to be this way...

You'll never know if you don't do a Plan B.

You've made the decision for some kind of physical separation so there won't be any new pain, right? If you aren't sure, go for a jog or put on your boxing gloves and go pound that body bag for a while. When your emotions are securely under control, sit down and make a calm decision of whether you've done Plan A for long enough, with no return, or whether you can stand it for a little while longer.

If you've done Plan A long enough, for an option, how about just going dark with a good Plan B, instead of Plan D, to let WH see what living without his wife and child is like? He just might come around to a different point of view.

As for where to start in Plan B, begin with looking at what Dr. Harley recommends for a Plan B letter in SAA. Secure your finances today. Check with your attorney to find out what you need to do to ensure proper spousal support and child support from WH. Set up a plan for him to visit with your child. I think that would be enough for today.

I think you should gather your support group around you. Call your best friend and have a nice long conversation. See if your IC can talk with you. Hang in there, TFC. Things look gloomy right now, but the moment you begin to take positive steps, things begin to brighten.