Well, I didn't get MB on it ... I did it my way. He called for the umpteenth time and I finally answered. I told him I was done and this half-[censored], one foot in the door crap wasn't going to cut it anymore. I told him he needed to make a decision, and fast. I've proven for 6 months that I'll do what it takes to save this marriage, and he hasn't done 1 thing to show he will. He agreed. He suggested we go to MC to figure it out. I told him no - we either go into MC with the mindset that we are going to stay married no matter what and make this work, or we call it quits. He agreed the gray area was no longer acceptable and said "lets do it" to staying married. I told him that there would be a lot of things that needed to happen in order for this to work on BOTH our behalves. He agreed. Don't know what to do now, but maybe I should start by unpacking?