While I admit I probably could've handled it better, I remained calm in everything I said to him, no matter how much I wanted to yell and scream! I don't deserve to be abused verbally or emotionally, and I won't graciously accept that behavior. It was he who had no grace.

And he realized it this morning. He doesn't remember any of our conversation last night and admitted he had entirely too much to drink. He is committed to working on that and our M - according to his words. His actions today (as much as one can have long-distance) have proven as such. He asked if he could help find a MC, asked if we could set up an appt asap, and asked if he could go to church with us tomorrow.

He said that he is so ashamed and sorry he couldn't swallow his stubborn pride and tell me he loves me. He said I am too good to him and he doesn't deserve it. He said he is pushing back some work he had to do tomorrow to go with us to church.

So, we shall see what tomorrow brings ...