I never had any intentions of speaking to her or trying to teach her what she did wrong. My H says she's told mutual friends that she was just being a good friend (wow!) and can't believe he would be so weak as to get sucked back into a manipulative and destructive relationship. Considering she doesn't know me hardly at all, nor does she know anything about my M (pre- or post- affiar), and that she thinks married men spend the night with their female "friends" - I figured it would be useless to talk to her. Besides that, I just don't have anything nice to say - and my mom always said to keep my mouth shut if I didn't have anything nice to say to strangers.

Just talked to my H. It has been planned that I will leave early to get DD from the sitter while he stays out with friends. He concluded that IF she is there, he will leave when I do to go elsewhere. Decent compromise, right?

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