At the time we met with SH, H was completely tuned out ... remember he was texting OW the entire session? So, now maybe our new MC can help. But I'm not certain of that either.

Yesterday, I got a "bye, love you" on the phone for the first time in over 6 months! It was great! However, that was in the afternoon. At night, I got this whole thing about how he was already sick of trying at this M (its been around a week) and that he knows he should want me at his b-day, but he really doesn't b/c he can't be himself around me (not sure why). That what we have isn't a M. (I agree.) I told him that from my POV, it seems like what he wants from a M is someone who will sit back and not say anything about anything - just take care of the house and kid and accept what affection she's given whenever it comes her way. He agreed that that may very well be his idea of M - and I told him that he wasn't likely to find that anywhere, women need affection and respect ... it just isn't a M to never get anything in return.

How do you go from "love you" to "I don't see how this will ever work, I'm happier without you" in 1 day? Which is it? Do you love me or do you not want to be with me? He thinks that I expect him to "get over it" - I've explained on so many different occasions that I don't! The only thing I've asked is that he try ... and well, he's sick of trying after 6 days!!!!

I think we're doomed ...