I cannot do a "Plan B" - MB techniques only somewhat work with my H. "Plan FU" sounds amusing ...

Basically, he is only ready and willing to commit a little bit ... and he says he needs time before he can just start making these huge changes left and right. I recognize that it must be difficult to give up all the fun he's been having and be serious about a crappy marriage, but I also recognize that we are going to fail at this if he doesn't man up and just deal. (Is that a LB?)

Oh, and last night, he point-blank told me that he doesn't feel the least bit sorry for his behaviors over the last 6 months ... he doesn't feel bad, guilty, or sorry. Nice. Except that he started these behaviors BEFORE my A ... so what's the excuse for the months prior to the last 6 (almost 7)???

Tonight's the big bday bash ... I'll be keeping myself busy. I have a movie to watch, laundry to do, a wonderful DD to play with. I didn't say a word to him about what time he's coming home tonight or anything (if he follows suit with his usual, it'll be around 5am - fun!). And I have IC tomorrow a.m. - he's promised to be up by 10am to be with DD while I have that (which reminds me, I need to call my parents as a back-up sitter).

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