Excellent news, TFC. Keep up the good work.

Actually, I think you've used MB all along (in particular, using Pepperband's Plan A procedures, and a judicious application of 180 techniques) to help you deal with this whole thing. You set your boundaries and enforced them, increasing your WH’s respect for you. Respect is always a good thing, and the lack thereof leads to poor choices by both partners, does it not? At the same time, you made yourself into a more satisfactory option by avoiding LBs and by being the alert, intelligent, attractive woman he married. In other words, you met his ENs a lot better than any of the OW ever could. Is that not part and parcel of Dr. Harley’s program?

The result has been the creation of stress in the fantasy world and made your WH understand it's you he needs to be with. Put another way, your application of Plan A forced the OW into a situation where she couldn’t help herself but strike out. Her LBs generated pressure and resulted in cracks in the fantasy. After that, the other side of Plan A (making your WH see how good a spouse you are) made his reaction all but inevitable.

What part of MB principles do you not see at work in your husband’s turnaround? <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />