4everhopeful: Great username, by the way. It shows a willingness to do just about anything to create and maintain a strong bond with your spouse.

I can totally empathize with your situation. A sense of well-being and balance interupted by a broadside of build up frustrations and harsh critisms from your spouse, who failed to effectively commuicate them with you before feelings were hurt. After the fight and the destraction of your company being left in a fog of uncertianty not knowing what the next step is to resolve the problem.

I would suggest a "happy-check" conversation. Tell your spouse that you need to tell her how your felt about the arguement, admit any faults and try your best to correct your errors, but express your 'lost'feeling. Tell her that you want to feel love for and from her even in the midst of a disagreement. Tell her what the best way to communicate her frustrations to you that will catch your attention before and 'Angry Outburst' finds its way to your discussion.

Reinterate that you are a team and that together you can work through any problem by not letting the issue get between you.

Hope that this help. Let me know what you think.