I'm back - got back late yesterday. Great weekend - as usual, too short!

Back to reality today....... ugh! At least the place is still standing after my absence - there was a bit of an administrative mess to clean up but I should have it in hand today.

I need another week off! LOL - only this time with no "business" attached to it. I did have a productive weekend, I just wish I had some more time to relax. I tend to make the most of my short time off, and overdo it! Catch-22!


F/40, DD15 DS13 M 1989 DDay his EA May 1998. S Aug 2004. D Dec 05. I filed. 4/07 Post-D Plan A with 180, with hopes of R. 6/23/07 XH said no to R. 8/24/07 Went on a date with someone new, "B". 1/22/08 Still seeing B, life is good! Learning and growing each day. Ask me about Geocaching!