So glad you're enjoying your time with the new person. It's exciting, isn't it?

I met a lady here in DC through eHarmony and we've hit it off very well. We're taking things slowly as well and have gone out several times already. Our first date was supposed to be a quick coffee and ended up being 5 hours of chatting. We went out again and had a great time at an Irish bar singing songs. We went to a play as well the next day and had a good time there as well.

I took her home and sat on her balcony talking for hours. It was great. I drove home but wanted to stay and keep talking. That darn *onday and work kept us from continuing to chat.

We're going to the AF-Navy game at the end of the month and seeing each other again on Thursday. I really, really like her.

It's nice to be appreciated and liked, isn't it?

D-Day 28 Feb 06
Plan D (Not by choice) - 24 March 06


She moved away with the kids April 08. I contested it and got a lot more time with my kids. She's unhappy that I want to stay involved in their lives and don't settle for being an "every other weekend" dad.

Never going to happen.

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