Wow I haven't posted in ages...I'm here... just been busy.

My Mom was in town for 4 days, left yesterday. This is her first stay at my place in over 4 years. Last time she came to visit it was miserable. My marriage was crumbling and XH and I were both miserable (Mom wasn't privy to what was going on), Mom had her own junk she was dealing with... but this visit was WONDERFUL. I've seen her in between, 3 years ago and 2 years ago I went to Mexico to see her - she winters there. We also saw her in March as she was passing through town on her way back home, she had an overnight layover here and we got a hotel room near the airport and the kids and I spent the night with Mom and her companion, but that was just a quick "driveby" and she didn't have time to visit us at home.

So today I go back to my regular routine.

XH covered for me at the shop over the weekend so Mom and the kids and I could spend time together, we stopped by the shop at closing time on Sunday so Mom could visit with XH - she did see him in August when he was on vacation back home, Mom socializes with XH's parents from time to time.

B and I are still doing great. It's 2 months today since our first date - time flies. In some ways it's like we've been together for much longer, but in other ways it feels like just yesterday he asked me out to dinner. Weird - but in a good way.

Mom met B, on Saturday morning we all met up to be first to find a geocache. We found it first together, and Mom is intrigued with this odd sport of ours! We also ran into other players with whom we're acquainted, they were hot on our heels, also trying to be first to find! Then Saturday night and Sunday night B joined us for dinner. Mom approves of him <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Not that it would make or break my R with B if Mom didn't find him instantly charming and likable, but it is reassuring that she and he got along right off the bat.

Tomorrow, B leaves on a family trip himself, until Sunday. He's taking his Mom to their home state to visit with his aunt and grandmother. His Mom lives in this state but quite a distance away. B has been here since he was about 10 but he was born up north and that's where they are going to see their other family members.

Both of us have anticipated our family visits, but we're both eager to return to our "normal" routine. B came over last night - other than dinners a couple of nights we haven't had any time just for us since last week, and he's leaving tomorrow so we took a few hours where we could get it. I'll also be looking after B's dog here at my place while he's gone (she's a sweetie and she's been here before and my dog didn't eat her so all should go fine!), and I'll stop by his place to check on his tank. He gave me a key yesterday for that purpose.

I'll use the time this weekend (when I'm not working) to put my house back in order. My Mom is tidy but one's house always seems to get upside down and messy when people come to visit for a few days. I'll have lots to do while B is gone.

XH is out of town right now on business, trip came up suddenly but he should be back at the end of the week. So I'm solo at the shop (got to 'pay' for a few days off!), and his b'day is this weekend. Need to take the kids shopping for a b'day gift for him, as well DD's BF's birthday is tomorrow - I think I may have to shop tonight after work.

Not sure how I'll swing that - because B's Mom is coming up tonight and he mentioned dinner also, so I can meet his Mom. I'll figure it out - perhaps dinner first then a quick jaunt out to get gifts. I have more time to get XH's gift, but since DD's BF's b'day is tomorrow it would be fitting for her to get him something on time LOL! I'll work it somehow.

DD and DS have Homecoming this weekend too - so I'll have plenty going on to pass the time.

That's about all the news that's fit to print <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Life is good - busy, but good!


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