Exposure to your children for a start Shaden.
Dark Plan B.

You are already separated. You are heading for a divorce if you do nothing. The fact she wants contact with you still indicated you ARE meeting EN's and she WILL be affected by a dark Plan B.

Frankly, you have confirmed the new OM so no need for snooping. Plan B will take you OUT of the drama. Snooping only keeps you in it.

At some point you divorce OR she will want to prove to you that NC is in place and she wants your marriage.

ALL IN ALSO means not settling for crumbs.

She is NOT a good mother Shaden when she is running off or wanting to run off and marry OM. The addiction dictates she will put her affair above her children. ALL WS's do this. It's part of what they are.

Me: 56 (FBS) Wife: 55 (FWW)
D-Day August 2005
Married 11/1982 3 Sons 27,25,23
Empty Nesters.
Fully Recovered.