I have some keys... hopefully they work.

I thought about the possibility of a call to the police. Another lawyer recommended this to SIL when she was separating from her H. He drank and was often smashing up the house, though. I didn't even get into any fights in all the years I played hockey... what a wuss.

But... I will protect myself from her desperation.

Is there any thought on how moving back to the home might affect the kids... other than the positive results long term. Anything I should be prepared for that anyone can think of?


BH (Me) - 38
WW - 36
Married - 16 years
2 children - 10,12
DD1 - 05/30/05 - EA suspected, W wanted space
DD2 - 07/01/05 - EA/PA discovered & confronted WW
DD3 - 07/21/05 - Further contact discovered and now ended.
11/07/05 - exposed to OMW...
07/01/07 - separated to give "space". recovery was not progressing.
09/04/07 - DDAY all over... new OM.

Patience with God is Faith.
Patience with myself is Hope.
Patience with others is Love.