Are you ONLY looking for agreement, JinGa?

The kids understand too.

Do they understand this, or are they just going along with it? Many children (yes, teenagers, too) go along with things they have no real control over. They've been taught to bury the REAL feelings. I'm not saying your children are doing this - just that it happens to some of them.

I understand my WH infidelity - does that make it right and what is best?

You seem very defensive, JinGa - when I see people posting their own experiences and what they felt as children. They didn't say that is what your children felt, they are just giving another perspective.

If you already have the answer and only want those that agree with you to post, maybe you should point that out when you post.

Nobody is trying to shoot you down - what is the benefit in that? Divorce is something that many people have had experience with - and some of them were not as "easy" as others.

You are also speaking to people in which infidelity is the reason for the divorce. "Making nice" with someone who has trampled the family can be a touchy subject.

Teenagers or not - children are still learning the value of family and boyfriend/girlfriend dynamics.


ETA: I think the Harley's have warned against having an X involved too much. If you end up marrying the new guy - where is that boundary? The X is always a threat to the new M. It wasn't all that long ago you were asking for advice on a R with your X.

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