Welcome to the board, MM. Two years is certainly long enough to "heal" from the divorce (in most cases). Assuming you have gotten over the divorce and your XH, you should be in good shape.

But I find it a little odd that you still are considering the possibility that your dating may get your XH to want you back. I dunno, it just gives me a feeling that perhaps you are still not over him? Because if you were totally over him, I would think that you really wouldn't give a rat's butt as to how he reacts to it - so would you consider taking him back if he asked you to? Has he dated at all in the past two years?

It does sound like a dilemma, and I certainly don't know how to answer it. But then again, you can't live the rest of your life in suspense of how your XH will react to your actions; that is living in the past. At some point, when you are ready, you have to start living for the future. But only you know when that day comes.