I have a question for you. After the first affair, you said that you both would have sworn that he would never again even contemplate another affair.

Did your husband put in place extraordinary precautions after the first affair that would help to affair-proof your marriage?

We counsel w/ Jennifer and that has been a huge part of our recovery. FWH has put into place a LONG list of extraordinary precautions, far more than is listed in SAA.

Both FWH and I both feel that he would never have another A. But I still have those BS fears, ya know. He is doing everything right. And counseling with Jennifer goes WAY beyond what is in SAA.

So I am curious what was in place to protect your marriage after the 1st affair? Did your H have precautions in place that he just blew off?

Thank you for your willingness to share.

Happily married to HerPapaBear