I am not avoiding conflict. I have some email conflict. I have conflict here and at home. So there is no avoiding it. Simple truth. Not feeling sorry for me.

So to say I am conflict avoiding is false. what would you like to talk about?

I have a call tomorrow evening with Kim. Until then, no relationship talks will ensue. Pretty simple. I tried to talk about things and that was not received well. The boundary was stated that no negotiations will happen until after discussions with the Harleys.

I thought that talking about things was a better idea than doing nothing, which is what I am doing now. Yes, even in the face of being told not to talk about things. That was not the case.

So, I really don't know what you would like to talk about. As I see it, I am out in the open here anyway, so we can talk about anything.

I am at work right now and can't really focus on this right at this moment, but I will post some responses this evening and we can see what happens.