Only G-d knows what the plan is. I think it was Mark who told me, but maybe Johnstwin... He doesn't promise to reveal what the plan is, just that he has a plan.

There is also a scripture that says I know the beginning and the end and it won't be changed or something to that. G-d is changing you for his plans. You and I just need to keep having faith that whatever the plans are will be the best for us.

Also to let go of our WW and let G-d have them. And to most of all have faith in G-d.

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BS 52, FWH 53, Married 1-1-84
D-day 5-14-07, WH moved in with OW
Plan A 9 months, DARK Plan B 3-17-08 until 3-2-09
WH and OW broke up 1-09
Started over 7-09