Better days,

Your wife is in pain, just as you are. Is there any way you can comfort her? Can you go lie with her and hold her or just ask her if there is anything you can do that will help her?

I know this is hard. I know you are in an enormous amount of pain, but please reach out to her. If you can be there for her now and listen to her, you can eventually help each other heal. This is in some ways the hardest part, because you didn't ask to be put in this pain. These were her decisions and she should "suffer the consequences" so to speak. True, very true. But that's why the MB stuff is COUNTER-intuitive. Where your every instinct tells you to just stand back and let your WW wallow in her own pain (she brought it on herself, after all!), the MB plans go against the grain. But they work. Take this opportunity to reach out to her. Don't let her think you don't care, because you DO!

If she gets nasty with you, tell her you can help her through her pain if she will let you. Tell her there is nothing she can say or do that will hurt any worse than losing her love. Tell her you cherish her. Cry with her!



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