Thank you for sharing about your eyes watering.


That's about you, from you, touched your own heart, I think.

I've forgotten how late your DD's bday plans run...I remember it's a Saturday and there's a drive involved...something like that. See, I probably wouldn't end up going...after a full day, snuggling with DH in bed is about all I can imagine.

I'm much older though.


Ask yourselves how you could know for sure if this is an affair marriage or not...

How long was her first marriage? You figure it takes a whole year to heal for each five years of marriage before you begin dating--and it's a good rule, I think...and a tough one.

So even if they got pregnant right this a healthy feeling rushed may be from them rushing...and bringing another being into the world. Then again, getting married before the baby is born is great, IMO, because it owns their actions...this is what they've chosen.

Ask whatever questions you need to the end, they will have a speak now respectfully and then hold your not enable, ignore, wish away or into won't feel guilty when you know you've sorted out your conflicting beliefs.

Do what you can to ascertain if it is or isn't...then decide. You guys get to determine how much, when and check your own intent along the way. You'll do fine, I promise. Because you're aware, questing and listening.

Bet that wasn't your number one reaction before last year, 'eh?

Wasn't mine before four years ago, either.