Yes, he thinks I'm completely independent and feels that I don't need him. And in truth, I am and it is very difficult for me to let that go (hence, my goof up by leaving last year). I'm positive that is why he was so into these other women. They completely adored him and treated him like gawd because he was so out of their league. I understand that now and have started being more affectionate and complimentary. I will be the first to admit that I didn't have a lot of respect for him before. I still saw him as the 19 year old boy I grew up with. Now, he is this magnificant man (with faults of course) who's making me want to go out of my way to keep him. It's strange, I can't stop myself from staring sometimes he looks so different.

I'm not sure if he'll buy the whole, honey can you help me act. I've been this way for 9 years. In fact, it's always been the other way around with me taking care of stuff for him. It will be suspicious if I suddenly couldn't do things that I could before. Thanks for the tips though. I will try to come up with some way to do that without making it too obvious. As for being a better spouse, I'm just trying to follow the tools that I've found on this site - minimizing LB's, filling his love bank, etc. He's even told me that I'm a completely different woman, the woman that he's always wanted me to be. I'm just trying to get him to hang around long enough so that the fog will lift and my efforts can take full effect.

As for quitting my job, I would hope he wouldn't allow it to come to that. He knows how hard I've worked and how much I enjoy what I'm doing. I mean, I'm scaling way back on my dreams already. What I have tried to do is encourage him to use this opportunity (since he's not working) to figure out what he wants to do. Like I mentioned before, he was a phenomenal support system for me when I was juggling career and school. I keep telling him that it's his turn now to find something that gives him fullfillment like I have.