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Your approach to this problem is one of businesslike coldness.

Again, I am amazed at how negatively I'm being judged. How is my approach one of businesslike coldness? I'm following the exact recommendations provided on this website. I'm not doing anything differently from anyone else. So anyone who implements Plan A is coldhearted? All I'm looking for is some clarification on symptoms of the fog, specifically when the WS states that they want to start over on their own.

Honestly, I didn't want to focus on my emotional turmoil because it does not compare to what other people on this site are going through. My M does not involve children who will be scarred for life by a family that is being ripped apart. I am not under any financial duress. We don't have depression issues or abuse stories to share. I felt it would be inconsiderate since my situation is so much more tame than others that have posted here. Who am I to complain that I had no idea how painful and empty it feels to truly not feel loved anymore? Who am I to complain that my productivity at work is crap now because I spend half my day crying in the bathroom and the other half looking at OW's myspace page? Who am I to complain that he's never written anything to me like the love letters that he wrote to her (he wishes he met her first, she's his best friend, he's never met anyone special like her, she's so beautiful)? Who am I to complain that everytime after we have SF, I feel like [censored] becuase I know that he told her she was the best lover that he's ever had even though he tells me our SF has been amazing? Who am I to complain how [censored] it fells when he tells our friends that he's unhappy and in a loveless situation? Who am I to complain that I know that he talked to me on the phone while I was busting my [censored] overseas, hung up and went upstairs for SF with his other woman AND it turned on her on? Who am I to complain that I hate feeling not good enough? I know I'm better than this. I'm young, smart, attractive, fun, financially secure, creative. I used to feel good about myself. Most importantly, I used to feel (and many others viewed me) as strong. And I should be. I should be able to keep it together becuase my situation is nowhere near as bad as the others who have posted on this site.

There you happy now? You can add inconsiderate to my other list of negative characteristics. In case you forgot, I believe the other two are passionless and coldhearted.

Thanks for nothing . . .