Hi, I've just got a what I hope is a simple question. I post very infrequently these days, in June of 06 I discovered my W's affair and confronted her. She immediately terminated the relationship and went NC and has demonstrated all of the attributes required for a successful recovery. Thanks to this board and the posters on this forum, we have achieved what I would have previously thought of as impossible. My current concern is the price she has paid, and is continuing to pay for her choices. Our relationship has achived the desirable "way better than pre-affair" but her low view of herself as a result of her choices is impacting her in ways I have been concerned about and is affecting what I believe we can still become.

For myself, I still need to find a "place" where I can put all of this and in the absence of a working search feature I am curious as to what the chronological definition of a LTA or long term affair actually is.

Thanks for your help



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