Matthew 28:11-15 (NLT)
11 As the women were on their way, some of the guards went into the city and told the leading priests what had happened. 12 A meeting with the elders was called, and they decided to give the soldiers a large bribe. 13 They told the soldiers, “You must say, ‘Jesus’ disciples came during the night while we were sleeping, and they stole his body.’ 14 If the governor hears about it, we’ll stand up for you so you won’t get in trouble.” 15 So the guards accepted the bribe and said what they were told to say. Their story spread widely among the Jews, and they still tell it today.

Guards who were to have watched over the crucified body of Christ went to the leading priests to let them know what happened at the tomb of Jesus. They knew the body of Jesus was gone and they were fearful for what could happen to them. The elder priests offered the soldiers a large bribe to say the disciples came and took the body. The priests understood if the body of Jesus was missing it meant He was resurrected. The story spread like wildfire among the Jews leaving doubts as to what happen.

Report Says Firm Sought to Cover Up Iraq Shootings
New York Times
Published: October 2, 2007
“WASHINGTON, Oct. 1 — Employees of Blackwater USA have engaged in nearly 200 shootings in Iraq since 2005, in a vast majority of cases firing their weapons from moving vehicles without stopping to count the dead or assist the wounded, according to a new report from Congress.The report describes Blackwater’s role in Iraqi casualties and property damage: In at least two cases, Blackwater paid victims’ family members who complained, and sought to cover up other episodes, the Congressional report said. It said State Department officials approved the payments in the hope of keeping the shootings quiet.”

Bribes and cover ups have taken place throughout history. We see in this report money was offered to keep the truth hidden. Families were paid off to keep the stories of the dead quiet. Yet the truth of the stories still surfaced. Around 2000 years ago men were paid off to keep the truth of the resurrection of Christ quiet. While rumors spread about the disciples stealing the body of Christ; the truth remained, Christ rose from the dead. People attempt to cover up what they know is true, but the story of Christ could not be held back. The truth has been revealed and has been so evident to some skeptics they have come to believe in Christ and His resurrection. There are many still trying to cover up the truth of Christ today. Stand firm and be a witness for the Savior who loved you unto death. Go and make disciples and tell them the Good News of Jesus Christ.