One important point to review. Mrs. Hold cannot really help you with your resentments. You own them and you constructed them. They are just like your feelings, you generate and regulate them. You have to work to dismiss them all by your lonesome. The past is dead and cannot be made-up for. It is totally unreasonable to expect someone to make-up for their past transgressions. Forget the past and don't expect to recover anything form it. We're talking about making the rest of your life something that you'll actually enjoy. That's all you have left, the rest of you life. The past is dead and cannot, repeat cannot be fixed. Eliminate any expectations from the past. Work exclusively with what you have now.

I don't care if you sleep is separate rooms or not. Forget about what that means and work on yourself.


Me: 48 XW: 44 DD: 15
Lived Together: 7 Married: 18 Total: 25 years
W announced divorce 11-3-2006, I moved out 11-7-2006, served papers 11-8-2006. Divorce final 12-19-2006. Life gets better every day.