Okay, here goes, this is a long story.

My son is 27 now, and doing fine in college. He lives in Washington state.

When he was 15, he had his first girlfriend. She was 14 and her dad had just died. Her dad was active in church and was a youth group minister, sharing duties with another man. When her dad was dying, he asked the other pastor to look after his daughter and wife.

So, my son's girlfriend had lots of problems with grieving, etc.
The other pastor was very much in her life, and at first, it seemed like a godsend.

I won't go on and on, but it turned out that the other minister (38) was a sexual predator, and had sex with my son's girlfriend. And then she dumped my son. At the time (this was 12 years ago), I couldn't figure out what happened.

So the end is that my son's ex-girlfriend finally spoke the truth after 10 years. She is suing the Church and the pastor.

My son has been interviewed on the phone by the various attorneys. He was always close to both his girlfriend and the pastor. Now it turns out that the predator pastor's attorney wants my son to fly down to California to testify. And the main reason is that my son doesn't remember any details.

So I'm very stressed.

Anyone know if my son has to testify in court for the child molester?