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I've been looking for a mostly positive active forum to chat with others about marriage etc and have noticed that most forums tend to be more for marital trouble than anything else.

Hi IndigoSun--Thanks for posting a positive thread. I have seen several posts that are typifying an overall "negative" attitude on this forum and this is not to be in our marriages. I have even been told "to leave him, you deserve better" because he was exhibiting anger or injustice and was needing to be heard...God's way is NOT the easy way but it is the path that I choose. Try "the marriage bed"...it is all about the more "intimate" side of marriage; for christians.

10. The way he talks about me to his friends. ("My wife did this, my wife did that" - with pride - and when they tell me about this laughingly afterwards.. I feel so warm inside that he likes talking about me.)

I loved your list; especially no.10. I seem to WANT to hear something like this so badly but my husband is "closed mouth" and considers it bragging that he has such a wonderful woman rather than seeing it as praise to God for having been given ME.

The way I like to show romance is LOT of touching, kissing and affection; even in public. At home, I would stand in a doorway and for years he would try to sneak by me without a kiss but NOW he stops me!!!

He loves it when I kiss and cuddle and snuggle with him as he wakes up...I think that is the ONLY way to open your eyes! (I would too; but I am the "morning person").