Eric, please realize that nobody can diagnose you over the Internet with addiction and such. The posters may see you through the filters of their own stories. It doesn't mean that what they think about their partners is true for you.

"Normal sexual frequency" is different for everyone, especially in your age, being 23 years old. If you and Bethany are still confused about regulating your sex life, it would be good to see a sex therapist as a part of premarital counseling.

A trained sex therapist would ask you about your ideal frequency, ask your partner, and would assist in finding an appropriate solution that would work for both of you. A trained sex therapist would also assess your behaviors and feelings about sex and would help you determine if you need help with restructuring your attitudes toward sex.

Dr. Harley has a great book with an outlined plan for newly married or engaged couples, "I Promise to You." You may want to follow his plan in the book, complete questionnaires, discuss important topics about married life, and find solutions you both are enthusiastic about.

Marriage is a serious step, an ultimate change in one's life, and the fear of unknown can be paralyzing. Dr. Harley's book will help you fill in the gaps and hopefully will reduce your fears about the future with Bethany. It wouldn’t happen overnight; it’s a process with a very rewarding outcome.