eric, great stuff!

I have real hope for you guys. You take this information and run with it, and look at how much it has already helped you two be more open and honest with each other!

I would hate to tell someone to postpone a wedding just around the corner, so since you guys are being so honest about everything, I think you can really make things work.

Just promise me that you will look into some more 'learning' in whatever way works for both of you, on how to make and keep a great marriage, since you're both so young. Keep up the communication, never stop telling the truth, and you'll be fine.

Oh, and I highly agree that you need to learn more about SF and how it should be about both partners. My H is amazing for me, always - always - takes care of me first, and doesn't give up til I can't take any more, then we take care of him, if you know what I mean. Take the time to learn what makes it good for her, because she'll likely have the lower drive and you'll want to make it something she looks forward to, long term.

btw, I was just teasing LA; we go way back, and she gets that 'you are amazing' thing about once a month because she's so much more...prophet-like than the rest of us, lol.

frown I hope she finds her ring!