The problem, as seen in Spartan's most recent thread, is that all too often waywards end up showing they AREN'T worth the bother. On another love and relationships board I hang out at, there is a general belief among the people there that "once a cheater, always a cheater", and their experiences tend to bear out that statement.

It seems to me that the stories here reinforce that, while not all waywards repeat their mistake, it does appear that for many WSs, once that line is crossed, it's VERY difficult to step back over it. Once you've done it, it seems like it's all too easy to repeat-which is why the wise BS has to watch even a FWS like a hawk for the rest of their marriage.

It's obvious that recovery is difficult and often unsuccessful.

The Macnut-42, W - 45 3 stepkids,
SDD - 27, SDS1 - 22, SDS2 - 18