I did not say that you, personally, were hurting a suffering woman or women.

I said that for this discussion, had it continued on Ashes' thread, would have been hurtful to her, (As well as distracting and unhelpful.)

So I moved it.

And if anyone could read what I have written on this thread, and come away with any thought that I am trying to bash any FWS, then I guess my verber skills are defective.

Doom and gloom? You don't think that a BS who came on here would be discouraged to read from so many posters, that their WS has always been defective, will always be defective, with the implication that it's not worth the bother of recovery? (Not to mention the self-deception of those who think they are somehow innately a better person than a WS or even a FWS, simply because they haven't had an A. But I guess that's a whole nuther subject.)

I will fight on the side of hope for as long as there is blood in my fingers.

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
~ English proverb

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