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Not me. That wasn't even on my radar. But I have seen this IRL. The fact that your H (xH?) thought that stealing money was ok tells me that he is a jerk and probably always has been.

And having an A is not being a jerk?

I'm drooling on myself with the same astonishment.

It's pretty dang odd to say deciding to steal money defines intrinsically bad character, but deciding to steal one or more marriages, huge chunks of innocent people's lives, homes, families and happiness is not.

Kind of stoopid, in fact.

"Never forget that your pain means nothing to a WS." ~Mulan

"An ethical man knows it is wrong to cheat on his wife. A moral man will not actually do it." ~ Ducky

WS: They are who they are.

When an eel lunges out
And it bites off your snout
Thats a moray ~DS