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Wow, Flick! You guys are younger than you think you are. And having a baby at what feels like an advanced age forces you to be younger still. I don't think I explained it very well, but you can adapt....I was nearly 40 when DS15 was born.

Hi Chrys.
I undrestand what you are saying.
I also know that it is perfectly normal for a couple of our age to be having children, it just isn't what we had planned. We had our family, a small one, early so that we could be free of little ones and able to enjoy an active, adventuerous and exotic lifestyle before we retire, and well into our retirement years. Travelling the world, going to all the wrong sorts of parties, going for a ride on the motorbike and forgetting to go home untill next week, these are the sorts of things we have planned. Dirty nappies (daipers) and the responsibilities of parenthood could put the brakes on these plans in a big way.

With any luck this will just turn out to be one of those little moments that we look back on and laugh about in the future.

I hear Lil coming up the driveway from work, I must go and put the kettle on.