Catperson: yes perhaps it is me and my internal issues, but aren't they valid too? is there some kind of compromise that can be reached?

I am seeking commitment - i know that it does not fix my life.
it makes financial sense as we would be saving over 10K a year immediately by staying together - and i've mention it before - to be sexually pure as well.

We're not on the same page and hence his views and mine are not compatible? just at different levels of "readiness"?

"I'm assuming that your boyfriend's view is that he wants to be established first. Many men feel that way; it is NOT a fault, in fact it's honorable."
Don't get me wrong - i do see it and i do know its honorable as well. But i believe we can do it together.

and no he's not that kind of party type, but perhaps he misses his singlehood after 7 long yrs?
we're both each other's firsts...