Thanks catperson. I'll try my best.
I spent the weekend crying...
Was arguing & quarreling about all this, and more.

He says that a ring does not mean anything,
an engagement still can be broken off...

He used to be more affectionate - and him wanting to be upright he withdrew almost all forms of affection.

Hand-holding, hugs and pecks on the cheek.
For now, he's alright with nothing at all even.
Really hurts. I guess he thinks a proposal should come perhaps about a year before marriage and not 2 engaged just before getting married.

I really don't know what to do. Suggest a break?
Not sure if I can handle one :'(
Unless - I come to a "we need to talk"

*Yes I admit I have desires, that I wish to be fulfilled. I do not want us to be quarreling about affection, and time etc.
Being incompatible - what do I do?
If there are things that will be resolved only in marriage, what should I do about it? About intimacy, about affection...

He plans to finish his studies at the end of this year. He plans to work for 2 years before settling down. Because he thinks he's too young and hence has not proposed. So I do know all of this already. He does have plans for us, but it's going to take time to unfold. What do I do in the meantime? When I feel insecure and unassured?

So if he has shouted at me and pushed me over the weekend and said hurtful things and all...what should I do? Is this the end?