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But, I think that our culture has stigmatized women who admit to liking sex without that much emotional involvement, that they are unlikey to admit it.

How many of your male friends have said they REGRETTED their ONS??.....

I cannot think of one time where I've known a woman to have sex PURELY for the sake of having sex and NOT regret it. WHY???...because the performance was bad??...No, because the EMOTIONAL entanglement was missing.

In college, all types of women were having ONS.

Yes, Z, many women are out there having ONS.....BUT most of them regret it...and don't often do a repeat performance....

I'm not saying this is bad or shameful

Like heck it ain't!!!!.....Going out and whoring yourself out is BAD and SHAMEFUL behavior....It devalue's sex and its TRUE purpose....

It just seems to me that there is some type of weird elevation of cheating for women, as if it is somehow nobler, because they allege that they were motivated by factors other than wanting sex.

WHAT???.... crazy.....there is nothing NOBLE about a cheating woman.....where are you seeing this kind of bullmalarky???


I don't know this word..... skeptical

wouldn't a guy that came on here alleging that he went out and had sex with someone because his wife was not all that adept at sex get raked over the coals in terms of his superficiality as compared to a woman alleging that her emotional needs were neglected for years thus driving her to seek romance/sex from some affair partner.

Surely you don't mean on these boards???....In my nearly two years here, I have not seen the waywards treated any different whether they be female or male. They BOTH get 2x4 until some sense is knocked into them.......So I assume you must mean this IRL. To which, no I have yet to see it.....WW get just as much dismal treatment for their behavior as WH's. Actually, maybe even worse, since after all, men have been doing it for YEARS and women are just now seeming to catch up.....