Mark 14:66-72 (NLT)
66 Meanwhile, Peter was in the courtyard below. One of the servant girls who worked for the high priest came by 67 and noticed Peter warming himself at the fire. She looked at him closely and said, �You were one of those with Jesus of Nazareth.� 68 But Peter denied it. �I don�t know what you�re talking about,� he said, and he went out into the entryway. Just then, a rooster crowed. 69 When the servant girl saw him standing there, she began telling the others, �This man is definitely one of them!� 70 But Peter denied it again. A little later some of the other bystanders confronted Peter and said, �You must be one of them, because you are a Galilean.� 71 Peter swore, �A curse on me if I�m lying�I don�t know this man you�re talking about!� 72 And immediately the rooster crowed the second time. Suddenly, Jesus� words flashed through Peter�s mind: �Before the rooster crows twice, you will deny three times that you even know me.� And he broke down and wept.

Jesus was arrested and Peter followed Jesus and the crowd into the priest�s courtyard. Peter listened as the priests hurled accusations against Jesus, spat on Jesus, beat Jesus and insulted Him. Peter remained to the back of the crowd because he did not want to be identified as one of the disciples. He denied knowing Jesus 3 times just as Jesus told Him would happen.

It is interesting Peter was willing to risk being identified as a disciple of Jesus because he wanted to be close to Jesus to see what would happen to Him. Peter loved Jesus. Often Peter said he would die for Jesus, yet fear overcame him and he distanced himself from the Lord. How often do we let troubles put distance between us and God? We love the Lord. We might be willing to serve Him. But there are just times when our fears put us at a distance. Pray God will always keep you close and always be ready to give a bold witness for our Lord and Savior!