She said:
He doesn't like me doing anything without him. I had to quit school because he complained so much about me "making myself accessable." Other issues are that anytime I don't answer my phone he gets upset. He constantly has to know where I am and what I am doing. Im getting claustrophobic!! I have no friends anymore because I have to make up excuses to why I can't go anywhere with them.

These are all quotes that could come out of an abuse book. They also could just be her being immature. We don't know, as her H is not here.

It's possible, like I said, that she is acting independently. It is just as possible that he is controlling her. That is why I suggested reading a book to SEE if he fits the type. If not, then she needs to revise her actions. If he does, she needs to set protective boundaries, because abusers will manipulate the MB program.