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mel I agree we are in the best situation but we have lived together for almost six yrs have a child that is 3, and to throw that all away so that I can be right in your eyes. To throw it all away to be right in everybodys eyes would destroy a child, and then that would be ok in the eyes of some here. I disagree with destroying a childs future when god has the final judgement and what others say does nt make a diffrense then.
How is what you're doing "good for your child's future?"

AND...What about the 2 children of the marriage? The BH's children...What about them?

You took part in the destruction of their family...How is that okay?

You understand by continuing your affair with this WW...by possibly marrying her...that you are signing up for her to do to YOU EXACTLY what you and she did to her BH, right? Because she remains an unrepentant WW - she has not learned that adultery is WRONG...You are helping her save her affair - you are helping her to believe that adultery is okay in certain situations [yours]...

You've yet to answer my question, dsd...If I hadn't returned to my marriage, would it have been okay for me or OM to come here to save our affair?

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