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MRS.W We are nt in a affair!I am not the OM!!!!!!!! When I met my fiance her ex husband had already moved out of the marital home and had filed for divorce. In a matter of days she and his kids was getting evicted from there home and had to move into the city projects. I do agree that the timing was nt good but I in NO way had anything to do with their divorce. YOU ask if it was ok for you or your OM to come here and save your affair,answer is no .I ask this of you .Is it ok to break your vows and to still act like your married just because mans law says your married,when in gods law you broke your vows of marriage!The web site says this is a marriage builders site and even has a section for dating, divorce as well as others.For many on this site it is black and white because it is mans law or gods law whichever fits them at the time and the ones that see it as a grey area are pushed(forced)of the site by others or a select few. I have been married 1 time and divorced once,we will be married and I plan on it to be forever as I Wont be one that married 3-5 times like some on this site. I am just trying to learn to be a good spouse before the paper(mans law) and when we get married(gods law).Also she has told her ex sorry for the way she treated him when they was married and after the divorce. I am sorry if this thread bothers you as we are different because she never had a OMin her narriage.


You got together with her before she was divorced - separated is NOT divorced...filing for divorce is NOT divorced...adultery is adultery - That IS a black and white issue...There are no "degrees of adultery"...You are correct, it would NOT have been appropriate for myself or my adultery partner to have come to the "Surviving An Affair" section of Marriage Builders for help - Why would it be any different for you and your adulteress? It isn't. To argue otherwise is moral relativity at it's finest...

I'm still scratching my head over why you are posting here in the "Surviving An Affair" section at all...You are not a "betrayed spouse", dsd, you are not married...There was no affair, as she was speaking with her rightful husband - It would have been a WONDERFUL thing if their marriage reconciled! I'm sure the children of the marriage would agree...

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